Kevin Durant isn’t scared to challenge pundits. Just ask Michael Rapaport. KD was at it again on Tuesday, when he took issue with a fake quote that was brought up by Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe

During a recent episode of the FS1 debate show, Sharpe—an admitted LeBron James stan—criticized Durant for the quote, which implies that he’s better than LeBron James because he beat him in back-to-back Finals.

“Kevin Durant thought by winning the title, people would regard him universally as the best player in the NBA. Better than even LeBron James But very few people were willing to go there,” Sharpe said. “And then he’s like…Because he said it. ‘If LeBron James is the GOAT. I beat the GOAT twice, and hit the shot in his building. What does that make me?’”

The trouble is, Durant never said what Sharpe accused him of saying.

It’s no wonder KD was pissed. 

“Y’all drunk uncle out here lying again. When did I say this,” Durant tweeted on Monday night when the clip was brought to his attention on Twitter. A fan then tried to combat Durant by stating that the quote was allegedly said on the ETC Podcast. But, KD let the public know that Sharpe should’ve done better journalistic research because the quote is indeed fake.

“Shannon went on tv responding to this quote like I actually said this,” KD tweeted on Tuesday. “Gullible fans will believe it, or say ‘you was thinking this anyway’ it’s comedy at this point”

As For the Win points out, the fake quote originally circulated online five months ago. In Sharpe’s defense, he wasn’t the only talking head to fall for the troll. But instead of apologizing for the error, the NFL Hall of Famer-turned-analyst has yet to respond to Durant on social media. KD took pleasure in documenting Sharpe ignoring him and even posted a screenshot showing that Sharpe had blocked him on Twitter.