On the latest episode of Complex’s Load Management, the Warriors’ Kelly Oubr Jr. paid homage to his NBA elders by opining that *end drum roll* Michael Jordan is the Greatest Of All Time due, at least in part, to the more rugged era in which he played. Also, lest this be the second time that a Golden State-affiliated person is taken out of context this week, it should be noted that Oubre’s tone was showing high esteem. This looks like a classic example of the 25-year-old showing reverence, not rudeness, to the league that was just a short time ago. In the same quote he also paid respect to Kobe Bryant

Watch for yourself:

“This game today is a little bit more soft, to call anybody a GOAT nowadays is disrespectful to the hard-earned awards and accolades that Mike and Kobe have won because they really had to grind it out and win it. People changed rules just to stop them,” he said at the 32:14 mark. “I think Michael Jordan is the GOAT because of the simple fact that he wasn’t able to be denied.” 

He added that Jordan “[P]layed through a lot of injuries; he played through a lot of things people don’t even know about and he got his championship rings in the shortest amount of time with the best winning percentage of going into the Finals and taking over games, taking over a whole era.”

Oubre also talked fashion, his own brand, ignoring the hate, the current era vs. the NBA of the ‘90s, and more.

Listen to the full show below: