Jalen Hurts is in that mode. Wide receiver Jalen Reagor told reporters after practice last week. Over the phone, Hurts echoes the sentiment. 

“I’m as hungry as ever and I’m excited for what’s to come,” he says. “I think there’s one goal [this season]. Just to win.”

It’s simply stated and to the point. This is the outlook of the Philadelphia Eagles’ new starting quarterback going into the 2021 NFL regular season. The second-year QB was thrown into the fire at the tail end of the 2020 season amid a shaky situation that saw the city’s rabid fan base calling for then-starter Carson Wentz to be benched and then-head coach Doug Pederson to be fired. While the record was unimpressive, just 1-3 in his four starts, Hurts showed glimpses of promise with his dual threat playmaking abilities and historic statistical output. With a new coaching regime in Philly and a Heisman Trophy-winning rookie wide receiver in DeVonta Smith now in the mix this year, Hurts will be given the keys to see what he can put together for a full season.

Off the field, Hurts is already seeing some of the perks of being a starting quarterback in the NFL, too. Today, the QB has been announced as the first official ambassador for Eastbay’s new Performance apparel line set to debut next month. His two-year partnership with the famed sportswear retailer will see him from various campaigns and release special edition product. To kick off the relationship, Hurts even appeared on the cover of Eastbay’s Ausust 2021 catalog.

“It’s just crazy and kind of surreal to be on that cover today. I’ve gotten text messages and I’ve gotten phone calls about being on the cover  from family and friends back home because they know,” Hurts tells Complex over the phone. “They know how much Eastbay was a part of my childhood coming up. It’s an exciting time.”

We recently got a chance to chop it up with Hurts to learn more about his new Eastbay deal, learning the new system in Philadelphia under rookie head coach Nick Sirianni, his admiration for Cam Newton, and more. Check out our full interview with Hurts below. 

(This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)