LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers suffered a demoralizing first-round exit at the hand of the Phoenix Suns. After battling with James throughout the series, the Suns’ Jae Crowder decided to pour salt in the wound by trolling The King on Instagram.

“AINT NO FUN WHEN THE RABBIT GOT THE GUN,” Crowder captioned an Instagram post on Friday. In the post, there were several pictures from the series aimed at LeBron. Most notably, Crowder leads off with a photo of him mimicking the viral video of LeBron salsa dancing.

Also, the caption is a call back to James’s May 7th tweet. featuring the same phrase.

James and Crowder have a storied history together. They battled against each other when Crowder was a young Celtics player before briefly teaming up in 2017 when Crowder joined the Cavs. Their paths crossed again when LeBron came into the Western Conference before eventually meeting up in last year’s Finals where LeBron and the Lakers beat Crowder’s Heat.

Sometimes, their competition didn’t stay on the court. Despite playing in the Bubble Finals, Crowder stated openly at the beginning of this series that the Lakers won a “fake ring.” These comments motivated the Lakers to target him during their Game 3 victory which resulted in a few trolls from the Lakers faithful. 

But after advancing to the second round, it’s safe to say that Jae Crowder has gotten the last laugh.