Sport: Baseball
Career span: 1914-1935
Max listed playing weight: 254 lbs
Accolades: 7x World Series champion, 714 career HRs, MLB All-Century Team

People may overstate how large Babe Ruth was for most of his career, but it's at least certain that in the latter stages of his days as a professional baseball player, Ruth had started to put on the pounds, mostly as a result of his hard-partying ways. However, as we all know, nothing could stop the Babe from continuing to get his, as the legendary slugger posted some of the most insurmountable numbers in the history of baseball. Ruth is second all-time in career RBIs, first in OPS, third in home runs, and high up on a boatload of other categories. Admittedly, because of his weight, he did lose his ability to run or field the ball by the end of his career, but by then, the story of Babe Ruth had already been written.