The 2021 NFL Draft concluded Saturday in Cleveland after three days of non-stop action. We saw 259 players fulfill their dream and all 32 NFL teams acquire a bevy of players who will hopefully help lead their franchise to a championship. It’s our time to grade every team’s haul.

Of course time will help us separate who really won this draft and which teams set themselves back by mis-evaluating the class. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use what we know now to break down the results immediately. We knew what certain teams needed to accomplish entering this past weekend and what happened, as well as how well each player performed in college.

We’re looking forward to the progress of the 2021 class as time passes. Grades, including for the first-round selections, will continue to change through years as the evaluation phase never ends. 

Starting from the best to the worst, we’re grading every team’s 2021 draft class.