Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley faced off in a heavily hyped boxing match on Sunday night, but they weren’t the only two who were fighting at the Cleveland venue.

Just before Paul was declared the winner on Sunday in a split decision, a group of unruly fans brawled in the stands. In one video, a fan in a white t-shirt yells at another fan before multiple people retaliate. 

It’s not clear what started the fight, or how well anyone fared after, but one particular version of the video has already accumulated over 1.3 million views on Twitter alone.

After the fight on Sunday, Woodley called the judging “bullshit” and “laughable,” and demanded an immediate rematch. Woodley, who is a former UFC welterweight champion, made his boxing debut with the fight, coming off his last appearance in the Octagon in March. His loss at UFC 260 was his fourth consecutive defeat as he headed into free agency, and he has yet to come to terms on a new deal with the organization.