ESPN’s popular debate show First Take is reportedly about to go under another makeover, with news breaking yesterday that the network is looking to replace Max Kellerman on the show. If you remember, Kellerman took over in 2016 for Skip Bayless, who went to Fox Sports. Stephen A. Smith, who is undoubtedly the star of the program, is set to remain on the show with a variety of co-stars set to fill in until they can find a permanent replacement. 

As ESPN and First Take set out to figure out the future of the show, we put together what we think is a solid list of five candidates to take over for Kellerman. We have no idea where the show is going to go from here, but we do know that with Stephen A. Smith still on the program, there are worthy options out there to make an entertaining TV show. We also want to make clear that we have no inside information on what ESPN is going to do on the show, but these are just options that we think would make a lot of sense. Check out our thoughts below.