A week after the Dallas Cowboys were upset by the San Francisco 49ers in their NFC Wild Card match-up, former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant suggested Dak Prescott call Tony Romo for help getting better. 

“Amari Cooper is far from the Problem in Dallas so let’s get that straight,” Dez tweeted. “If you really want to keep it a buck. Dak need to call up Romo and talk about how to read Defenses so he can understand the D weaknesses on how to utilize his weapons in certain situations.”

Dez added, “If you know football you know I’m not bashing. It’s too much talent in Dallas for them not to be playing yesterday or today.”

Tad Prescott came to his brother’s defense, writing, “because @DezBryant & Romo won so many playoff games together. miss me with this shit.”

Dak’s brother went on to call out Bryant for being fake, claiming Dez “is the same guy who’d smile & hug me while talking shit about Romo, Witten, & those he called Romo’s boys. Now you turn on Dak, and myself. to think, I truly used to respect this man.”

Tad continued, “What did I say that was false? How many games did you and Romo win together. I saw your message where you asked I not let fans fool me, but than you address me directly after I hadn’t said shit. I’m not here for beef.”

From there, Dez proceeded to share text messages he allegedly received from Dak’s brother, before taking shots at Tad in a series of tweets. 

“You get on this internet and Lie you sensitive girl,” he wrote. “Tad I ain’t never held a conversation with you talking about another player. I always spoke loud about mine.”

Bryant wrote in another tweet: “I never said nothing bad about Dak. I’m on the internet analyzing like everybody else. You got Pearson talking about dak ain’t no 40min QB and other people ripping Dak.. why wouldn’t he call Romo for help?”

Image via Twitter

Tad responded by once again calling out Dez for being fake, before alleging that the text message conversation Bryant posted wasn’t real.

“You’re as fake as they come,” he wrote. “Doesn’t mean shit to be the realist in the room, if you’re the only one in it. Also you’re fake ass post of our supposed text conversation proves it. You have my real number, same 1 you text begging for my help for Dak to help with PP.”

Dak’s brother added, “I have 2 phones and thats not the number for either, nor is this me messaging him.”