Rumors circulated recently that Detroit Lions running back D’Andre Swift was involved in a homicide investigation, but multiple sources have since said this isn’t the case.

Earlier this week, the rumors started to circulate on Reddit and Twitter ahead of the start of the NFL season. They first surfaced after he was allegedly named in a report regarding a Philly homicide this July.

A tweet from Thursday also indicated that an “anonymous tip” linked Swift to an ongoing murder case, although the tweet also said that an officer confirmed he wasn’t under investigation.

“I just called the Philly PD and spoke with an officer in the Commissioner’s Office,” claimed Dave Kluge, an advertising director at a fantasy football company FantasyPros. "There was an anonymous tip that came in via Tipline over 2 months ago that implicated D'Andre Swift in a murder. The officer said that Swift is not being investigated at this time."

He also claimed that the police officer he spoke to “laughed” when he asked if D’Andre Swift was under investigation, and allegedly replied that no NFL players were involved in murder cases.

Per NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo, Lions coach Dan Campbell has refuted the story. “That’s just internet rumors I don’t feel I need to comment on right now,” said Campbell, who also added that Swift was not under investigation to his knowledge.