UPDATED 1/27, 9:30 p.m. ET: Chad Wheeler has been charged with first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment, and resisting arrest, ESPN reports. The charges were filed by the King County prosecutor's office.

Wheeler is set to be arraigned on February 9.

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Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler was arrested on Saturday by police in the neighboring city of Kent on suspicion of domestic violence.

Kent Police say they were called by a woman who had locked herself in the bathroom. The Seattle Times shared details of the report, in which the unnamed woman told a 911 dispatcher that she was being "killed." The report claims that Wheeler attacked the woman, dislocating her shoulder and choking her to the point of unconsciousness. When she awoke, she claims Wheeler was shocked that she was still alive. She ran to the bathroom and locked herself inside.

When police arrived, they found Wheeler in the bathroom with the woman. She told them that he picked the lock. The fight reportedly started after the woman refused to bow to Wheeler. The police report noted that Wheeler has a prescription for medicine to treat a bipolar disorder before he claimed he had not been taking it. The report sets Wheeler's height and weight at 6'7 and 310 pounds. The woman who called the police is 5'9 and 145 pounds. 

Wheeler was taken into custody after initially refusing to cooperate with officers. His bail was set on Monday at $400,000 and he was released on Tuesday morning.

The Seahawks condemned "this act of domestic violence" and announced that Wheeler was no longer with the team in a tweet sent on Wednesday afternoon. Wheeler had played as a backup lineman for the Seahawks for several seasons.   

Wheeler shared several tweets on Wednesday afternoon, where he apologized to Alleah and her family and said, "It is time for me to walk away from football and get the help I need to never again pose a threat to another."