When the 2018 Winter Olympic Games got underway in Pyeongchang on Feb. 9, it’s safe to say many American sports fans were wondering the same thing:

Should I really watch this? I know football season is over and basketball and hockey haven’t reached their peak…but would I gain anything from devoting two weeks of my life to following NBC’s coverage of figure skating, skiing, and curling?

Fair enough. The Summer Games have a lot of advantages—namely, basketball (NBA players!), track & field (Jamaica!), and gymnastics (America’s sweethearts!)—and provide better entertainment value. In fact, they generate significantly higher TV ratings.

History has taught us, however, that the Winter Games are not to be slept on. If you decide following the Pyeongchang Games isn’t worth your time, we understand—but we’re here to remind you that past Winter Games have popped off, so you never know what could happen this year.

Some of the storylines that have emerged over the years are just…insane. Even the relatively uneventful 2014 Sochi Games had plenty of drama. First, there were the abysmal accommodations. Then there was Russia’s notorious anti-gay agenda, and their now-public-knowledge systematic doping scandal.

A bobsledder got stuck in his hotel-room bathroom and went all, “OH YEAH!,” literally bursting through the wall. A frustrated figure skater said he wanted to stick his “middle finger in the air and say a big, ‘F-U,’” to his critics. Lolo Jones somehow made the U.S. women’s bobsledding team and everyone had an opinion about it.

A few storylines revolved around the athletic competition, too, like the Canadian women’s hockey team pulling off an insane comeback in the gold-medal game against the U.S. Down 2-0 with 3:26 left, Canada scored twice in the final minutes of regulation and won 3-2 in overtime.

As ludicrous as those Sochi storylines were, they didn’t crack our list. Here are the 10 biggest, craziest, most unforgettable moments in Winter Olympics history.