6 NBA Teams That Should Trade for Kevin Love

With news that the Cavs are open to trading Kevin Love, the Complex Sports team picked out five teams that should make a move for the all-star.

Kevin Love.

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Kevin Love.

NBA trade rumor szn is finally heating up, as tonight Woj broke some news that the Cavs are now open to trading Kevin Love. This shouldn't really surprise anyone with the Cavs being in the middle of a rebuild, but it's interesting that the news leaked so early into the season. Of course, Woj's report comes on the heels of an Athletic story that stated a number of Cavs players were upset by the way new head coach John Beilein was running the team like a college program. No names were included in the report, but many wondered if Love was one of the upset Cavs players.

The fact that Love missed tonight's game with an illness and then the trade news came out seems like one pretty big coincidence. It's unclear what the Cavs might want in return for Love, but there's no doubt that he could help a contender this season and beyond. He's also under contract for the next three seasons, which should be of value to any team trying to trade for Love. With the news now out there, the Complex Sports team put together a list of five teams that should start looking for a way to trade for Love. 

Portland Trail Blazers


Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker Enes Kanter Suns Knicks 2018

Boston Celtics

Kemba Walker Brad Stevens Celtics 2019

Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets Center Nikola Jokic.

Miami Heat

Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat

Houston Rockets

James Harden

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