Jalen Ramsey Brutally Dragged for Flopping in Blowout to Titans

Jalen Ramsey and the Jags have had a really tough 2018 season, which was personified by this play from Thursday night's blowout loss.

Jalen Ramsey

Image via Getty/Sam Greenwood

Jalen Ramsey

When basketball Twitter was on a mission to rid the NBA of flops, we thought all that exasperated hand-wringing could have been devoted to much more important endeavors, since flopping has been around for as long as sports have existed. But Jalen Ramsey's flop against the Titans in the middle of a blowout loss on Thursday night was so obvious and exaggerated, even we were aghast at the audacity. Metaphorically, the 2018 Jaguars are Ramsey in the below clip, after the team failed to live up to their preseason expectations following a surprising run to the AFC title game last year:

It's funny, until you remember just how much trash Ramsey has talked over the last 18 months, especially to quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger (who Ramsey actually made look honorable, which he isn't at all). Despite his big mouth, Ramsey has proven his worth, like when he picked apart Pats TE Rob Gronkowski, whose entire family would probably disown him if he play-acted the way Ramsey did Thursday night. Ramsey's faux fall was so bad, it even lent some credibility to Michael Wilbon's anachronistic huffing and puffing

Thankfully, Twitter is around, so that people who have never been punched in their lives could hold Ramsey to account from the comfort of their living rooms.

God bless the internet. No longer do fans have to walk the walk when they can just tweet the tweet. And yes, we're making fun of all this, but that doesn't excuse Ramsey's ridiculous acting job. At least attempt to disguise it next time, and spare yourself the wrath of the Twitterverse.

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