Conor McGregor Wants a Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

And he just might run for office in Ireland, too.

MMA fighter Conor McGregor hinted that though he might want a career in Irish politics, he definitely wants a rematch with his favorite arch-nemesis Floyd Mayweather after losing to him last year, according to TMZ. When McGregor was asked about a fight against fellow martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov, he switched the conversation to Floyd saying he saying he "needs to fight again."  The two have had a highly publicized feud even before finally getting in the ring last August. With Floyd hinting at an MMA debut, a rematch might be more than possible.

McGregor's political aspiration is still up in the air. Earlier this week, he posted a cryptic Instagram caption criticizing Ireland's government, pondering over his home state's budget, and implied he may have the solutions. When asked about his commitment to the idea of running for political office in Ireland by TMZ, he seemed to be in much more of a joking mood. "Maybe," he said, "Who knows?! I know they're shakin' in their boots anyway!"

Conor's original post caption talked about financial awareness, before honing in on government spending. "I find that I am becoming more and more interested in where much of the money in my home state has gone and where it actually goes when it comes in," it reads. "I see many things I do not like and I see many things that I feel can be easily amended under correct instruction. We shall see."

McGregor straight-up said, "Fuck the Mayweathers," in another post.


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