We Now Know Why Markelle Fultz Was So Angry on Social Media

The reasoning for Philadelphia 76ers rookie point guard Markelle Fultz sending out frustrating tweets over the weekend has been revealed.

markelle fultz

Image via Getty/Mitchell Leff

markelle fultz

This past weekend, Philadelphia 76ers rookie point guard Markelle Fultz turned some heads when he vented some frustrations on Twitter. His tweet read simply, "You really can't trust NO ONE !!" The cryptic message left many Sixers fans wondering what exactly Fultz was referring to. But not for long.

During ESPN's Sunday night broadcast of the game between the Sixers and Oklahoma City Thunder, ESPN's Mark Jones let slip that Sixers head coach Brett Brown suggested that the first overall pick—who's been sidelined for much of the season due to a mysterious shoulder injury—was having "psychosomatic effects" with regard to his notoriously broken jump shot. Fultz apparently wasn't too thrilled about his coach's insinuation.

When Brown was asked about the situation the following day he told reporters that he was "completely misquoted" on the ESPN broadcast. He also revealed that Fultz received an apology from ESPN after he voiced his frustrations over the comment.

This is just the latest stretch of turbulence in the relationship between Fultz and his coach, who previously said that Fultz would be eligible to return when he's "able to shoot a basketball."

Either way, Fultz's nightmare rookie campaign continues. The Sixers remain mum on his status while reporters continue filming his cringe-worthy practices. 

The bad news for Philadelphia sports fans is that Fultz still looks like a shell of the player that was picked first overall in last year's draft. The good news? The Eagles are in the Super Bowl.

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