Antonio Brown’s Past Domestic Violence Charges Brought Up After He Shared Diddy Meme

Misdemeanor battery charges against Brown were eventually dropped in 2022.

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Antonio Brown took some heat online after posting a meme poking fun at Diddy.

Following the video in which Diddy is seen throwing Cassie to the ground and kicking her, Brown shared the infamous video of Cuba Gooding, Jr. being taken away in handcuffs but with his and Diddy's heads superimposed onto the bodies.

"Fuck it if LAPD won't do the job Detective AB got this #CTESPN," Brown captioned his post in response to the Los Angeles Police Department stating they couldn't prosecute Diddy.

Fuck it if LAPD won’t do the job

Detective AB got this #CTESPN

— AB (@AB84) May 18, 2024
Twitter: @AB84

Folks on X wasted no time criticizing Brown due to his own history with domestic violence charges. For context, police attempted to serve him an arrest warrant on domestic violence charges in 2022 regarding an alleged incident with his ex-fiancée. Charges were eventually dropped after Brown and his ex filed a request to handle their issues privately.

"N***a don't you beat women too lmaooo," someone tweeted in response to Brown's post. Another wrote, "This is wild considering you've been accused of Sexual and Physical assault against women bro. Should probably arrest yourself." 

Another said, "CTE done made him oblivious to his past and turned him into a tenured agent."

Nigga don’t you beat women too lmaooo

— d. (@_312DARIUS) May 18, 2024
Twitter: @_312DARIUS

This is wild considering you’ve been accused of Sexual and Physical assault against women bro.
Should probably arrest yourself

— Magic Man (@Mike_Honcho_Man) May 19, 2024
Twitter: @Mike_Honcho_Man

CTE done made him oblivious to his past and turned him into a tenured agent 🤦🏽‍♂️

— Tmoss82 (@Ct214Tmoss82) May 20, 2024
Twitter: @Ct214Tmoss82

Diddy issued an apology in response to the shocking video that was released on Friday. In his apology, Diddy said he was in a "dark" place, but failed to mention Cassie by name.

"My behavior on that video is inexcusable," Diddy said. "I take full responsibility for my actions in that video. I'm disgusted. I was disgusted then when I did it, I'm disgusted now. I went and I sought out professional help and I had to go into therapy. We're going to rehab. I had to ask God for his mercy and grace. I'm so sorry, but I'm committed to be a better man each and every day. I'm not asking for forgiveness. I'm truly sorry."

Check out more responses to Antonio Brown's post below.

He can’t remember it so it don’t count 😂

— GODSHALLMULTIPLY (@3two3cat) May 19, 2024
Twitter: @3two3cat

Nigga said this ain’t about me right now lmao

— M.Ible Enterprises (Mik †) (@mikhaele_ible) May 19, 2024
Twitter: @mikhaele_ible

Weren’t you charge with DV???

— Ike Isikwe, MSW (@_Elcaptain) May 19, 2024
Twitter: @_Elcaptain

He shoulda just sat this one out 😬

— Keira † (@KeiraVibes28) May 19, 2024
Twitter: @KeiraVibes28

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