Hakeem Olajuwon Breaks Out the Dream Shake to Sink Jumper in NBA Africa Game

The Dream still got game.

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On Saturday morning, the NBA held their first-ever game in Africa. The exhibition which put Team Africa, led by Luol Deng, against Team World with Chris Paul at the helm, included some pretty cool surprises along the way. 

How could you have a game in Africa and not have Hakeem Olajuwon, the first African-born player to be drafted in the league, in attendance, right? We say, in attendance, because Olajuwon is 52 years old and may not have much left in the—you know what, just, just forget we ever said that. As you can tell in the above video, The Dream not only has something left in the tank, but with moves and fluidity like that, some teams may want to entertain the possibility of drawing up a contract right now! 

Adding to the nostalgia, here's Hakeem and Dikembe Mutombo checking into the game with their old school threads on. 

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