Here's the 'Smart Ring' NBA Players Will Wear to Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms While in Orlando

In the new health and safety plan for the restart of the NBA season, players will have the choice to wear "smart" rings that can monitor coronavirus symptoms.


Image via Getty/Jeenah Moon


Included in the NBA's plan to restart the 2019-2020 season at Walt Disney World in Orlando is that players will be given the option to wear Oura smart rings to detect if and when they begin showing symptoms of COVID-19.

According to the NBA's new health and safety memo for the restart of the season, players will be receiving several different pieces of tech and safety equipment to utilize while in the Disney bubble, including a Disney Magic Band to be worn at all times and used to get through checkpoints and into rooms, social distancing alarms that will go off if players are too close to each other for too long, and these "smart" rings that they will have the choice to wear or not.

The rings can reportedly forecast and predict when players begin to experience COVID-related symptoms up to three days in advance. Players will have full access to the data collected on them as well, which will be studied by scientists at the University of Michigan to monitor for symptoms. The NBA regular season is set to restart on July 30.

The rings are also available to purchase on the Oura ring website and look to range in price from $299 to $399 depending on the make and model.

Of course, people had some thoughts of their own on the very futuristic new tool that players have the option of using while in the Disney bubble. Check out reactions over Oura smart rings' partnership with the NBA below.

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