Kanye West Is Reportedly Dropping Nearly $2 Million for Two Bulletproof Vehicles

He also might be touring this fall.

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We already know that Kanye West really hates the paparazzi, but it looks like he has a new enemy: would-be kidnappers. The Daily Star, admittedly not the most reputable of news sources, is reporting that Kanye plunked down nearly $2 million for two bulletproof vehicles. The first is a Chevrolet Kodiak based on "Limo One," aka the car that transports and protects the leader of the free world. (How a medium duty truck will be based on a limo is beyond us, but whatever.) The second is a Prombron Iron Diamond, made to "military specifications" by Dartz Motorz Company. It can withstand landmines and rocket-propelled grenades. 

Apparently Yeezus is scared that his baby mama and baby are targets. “If there have been any kidnapping threats already against their daughter, he isn’t saying,” an unnamed source said. “But that fear is clearly in his mind." The source added, "Kanye is also acutely aware that Kim has enemies who are resentful of her reality TV success and the thought of anything happening to her or Nori, their nickname for North, is his worst nightmare." 

The good news amongst this: Kanye might be touring this fall. The source said that Kanye wants to the two vehicles before "he begins his U.S. tour in October." Should that happen North West won't become the next Lindenbergh baby while Kanye's on the road. 

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[via Daily Star

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