Did Jae Crowder's Girl Use His (Now-Deleted) Instagram to Fire Shots at His Side Chick?

R.I.P. Jae Crowder's Instagram.

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As of today, the Instagram account for Boston Celtics forward Jae Crowder is officially no more. Why? Well, apparently, Crowder (a) didn't keep his password a secret from his significant other, and (b) was caught cheating on his significant other by his significant other. That is the speculation currently circulating around the 'Net in the wake of some strange activity on Crowder's account earlier today. The apparent proof for this adulterous theory is in a picture screenshots of the deleted picture from Crowder's now-deleted account. Consider, ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, Exhibit A: 

Yeah, it isn't pretty. Either Jae Crowder woke up in a f*cking AWFUL mood today, or, more likely, his wife (according to the Dallas Morning News, anyway) caught wind of his dirty laundry, and decided that she was ready to air it out.  

The hits didn't stop there, either: 

According to BroBible, the pictures were eventually deleted. However, as we can see now, the account is gone, too. Will Crowder eventually make a return to Instagram? Only time will tell. It looks like he has some bigger issues to figure out first, though. 

[via BroBible]

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