Minor League Baseball Team Apologizes to Fans After Bizarre Corey Feldman Appearance

What was Corey Feldman thinking with this performance?

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What happens to child stars when the spotlight fades? As history has shown us, nothing good. Corey Feldman, the face of '80s movies such as The Lost BoysThe GooniesStand By Me, and Gremlins, has learned that the hard way over the course of his life. Ever since his star began to lose its luster from the late-'90s on, Feldman has slowly morphed into a tabloid fascination, having starred in reality TV shows like The Surreal Life, and The Two Coreys with his late partner-in-crime Corey Haim. 

All the while, Feldman has also been attempting to launch a serious music career, performing with his band the Truth Movement since 1994. His releases have been inconsequential and barely regarded, but Feldman, admirably, keeps on plugging away and paying his dues, grinding hard for his lucky break into the music industry. 

In fact, he's so dedicated to his career that he even agreed to perform at a minor league baseball game last night. Hence, what was supposed to be a fun, family-friendly evening at the ballpark turned out to be much more than that, as the State College Spikes hosted Feldman and his band in their stadium.

Feldman, performing "Angelic to the Core" from his album that will be "out in a few months," was dressed in an outfit not dissimilar to his old friend Michael Jackson: a leather jacket, a white t-shirt, and sequined pants. Meanwhile, his backing band was scantily clad in angel wings and white bras. All this at a minor league baseball game in State College, Penn., which is right in the middle of Pennsylvania, a state whose love for Christianity is well-documented. They weren't even playing on the field! Their set-up was in the stands, next to a pizza vendor, probably. Priceless.

For what it's worth, the crowd didn't seem too unhappy. Some of them were even cheering! Unfortunately, the Spikes felt that the performance was so bizarre that it warranted an apology: 

Statement from the Spikes on last night's Corey Feldman appearance pic.twitter.com/mvU8yJBoAE

"So far below expectations" is certainly one way to describe the performance. It wasn't even interesting in that Shia LeBeouf way, where you can at least feign interest in it for the sake of meditating on the nature of celebrity or something. The experience of watching it was more like, "Oh, my God, he's going to die one day, and I'm going to die one day, and we're all going to be dead, and none of this is going to matter." Child stars, man. Heavy stuff. 


Further review of the video finds that Feldman's band was in fact set up next to a "salsa" stand. The existence of a pizza vendor in proximity to Feldman remains unconfirmed. 

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