Watch Scottie Pippen and Ron Harper Discuss the 72-10 Bulls Team With Gary Payton

Give their thoughts on the Warriors challenging their record.

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For now the 72-10 Bulls are the gold standard when it comes to regular season teams. In a week we'll check back on that. And as the Warriors close in on their 20-year-old record, you're sure to see the comparisons between the two squads hit its season-long peak. We've already seen Scottie Pippen say Chicago would sweep Golden State in a seven-game series, and until somebody builds a time machine for the sole purpose of fact checking that we'll never truly know.

Now, as the Warriors ponder whether to make an all-out run at 73, or bench their starters, we get a look at what a pair of Bulls think on what could be mere days before their mark gets booted out of the record books. Above you can watch Pippen and MJRon Harper yak it up with Gary Payton as they reminisce about the kind-of-old days. The five-minute interview is sure to give you some insights into their opinions on the final week (spoiler: they don't want their record to fall).

They also end on a note that Scottie probably slept on for weeks, toasting to his former teammate by saying "72 and 10 don't mean a thing [dramatic pause] without the ring."

Sounds like a challenge if there ever was one.

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