NBA Fans React to Dennis Schröder’s $5.9M Celtics Deal After Reportedly Declining Over $80M From Lakers

Dennis Schröder signed a 1-year/$5.9 million deal with the Celtics, which is far less than the $80+ million deal he turned down in-season from the Lakers.

Dennis Schroder

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Dennis Schroder

On Tuesday, it was reported that veteran point guard Dennis Schröder had signed a one-year deal with the Boston Celtics worth $5.9 million.

This would otherwise be unnoteworthy (no offense to Schröder) except that it was previously reported he had turned down a maximum extension from the Los Angeles Lakers before the trade deadline that would’ve been worth more than $80 million (the rumored deal was for 4-years/$84 million). The thinking was probably that he could get more money from someone in the offseason. We’re speaking relative to the situation here (still a lot of money), but that definitely sucks if that’s the case. 

Schröder started 61 games for the Lakers in 2020-21. He had averages of 15.4 points and 5.8 assists, and shot about 44 percent from the field (33.5 percent on threes). Those stats are simply for context as it’s unlikely anyone cares about them, at least specifically, at the moment. 

In June, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka indicated that the team had interest in retaining Schröder. Note that after Pelinka’s comments the team would go on to acquire Russell Westbrook, so that roster spot was filled.

“There’s a lot of different things we’ll have to evaluate there,” Pelinka said, according to ESPN. “[B]ut Dennis is an attractive player to us just because of what he brings to the table.”

Betting on yourself is a gamble, by definition. If you’re right it looks pretty cool, if not (and you’re famous) it may be best to just stay off social media until people who often tweet inevitably move onto something else (could take as little as an hour). On a totally unrelated note, let us cue up some tweets on Schröder’s deal:











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