LeBron James Will Help Fund a Scholarship For Every Kid Who Completes His "I Promise" Program

LeBron James will be helping to cover the cost of college for any kid who can complete his "I Promise" program.

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He may not have gone to college himself, but LeBron James (along with the University of Akron) will help fund up to 1,100 kids to get the university experience he never had.

We say that because the announcement was made tonight that the LeBron James Family Foundation will reward kids in Akron, Ohio for meeting the "attendance and grade" requirements of James' "I Promise" program:

If they make it through high school while meeting those standards, the cost of their tuition will be paid for by the foundation and university.

LeBron announced the move earlier this evening on Twitter with a message that some may note the irony of (but...whatever):

For the past five years, LeBron has been sponsoring the program, with students ranging from the third grade to the seventh. That means the first group of these kids will be hitting college by the fall semester of 2021. Currently a year's tuition at the U. of Akron is about $9,500. But to anyone who is currently in (or has graduated from) college, you know that tuition is more than likely to bump up by the time these kids are ready.

In conjunction with James' announcement, the University of Akron renamed their College of Education after LBJ's foundation.

Said LeBron about the news:

"I think it's probably one of the best things I've ever been apart of. This is very special to me. As a kid growing up in the inner city and as an African American kid, you don't really think past high school because it's not possible or your family can't support you. For us to be able to do something like this ... it means so much."

Anyway, whether you like him, hate him, or just make fun of his hairline, this is a cool move.

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