Jerry Rice Makes Untimely Cash Me Ousside Reference and Gets Roasted for It

Jerry Rice is pretty damn late to the "Cash me ousside" party.

Jerry Rice at a 2016 Pro Bowl practice.
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Image via USA Today Sports/Kirby Lee

Jerry Rice at a 2016 Pro Bowl practice.

On early Wednesday afternoon, about six weeks after it went super viral, Jerry Rice asked his 617k Twitter followers if they'd gotten around to checking out that "cash me ousside" Dr. Phil video yet:


— The Shadow League (@ShadowLeague) March 1, 2017

As expected, the internet was not kind to Rice. Just as it's not kind to anyone who isn't wise to memes/lingo and whatever other stuff used to be considered super nerdy not that long ago. Here's a sampling of the dumps people took on him after he arrived pretty damn late to this particular party:

Jerry Rice is like your 50 year old uncle had a Twitter but also happens to be the best WR to ever play football.

— Pruden (@BmocPruden) March 1, 2017

I'm outside Jerry

— Aaron West (@oeste) March 1, 2017

Jerry has been tweeting like he just discovered the internet that day for seven years.

— Matt King (@TheRealMattKing) March 1, 2017

jerry your the best wide receiver to ever play the game but your Twitter game is Magic Johnson bad , please stop

— PCDJR (@JetDiesalDvoran) March 1, 2017

— Alex (@AlexHenriquez01) March 1, 2017

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You get it, he's out of touch—though it's probably worth noting that these GIFs and memes people used to make fun of him are old as hell as well.

Anyway, this is nothing new for Rice, as he's often used his Twitter account about as well as you'd expect a 54-year-old to use a Twitter account. Previous recent events that got way too many people to mention and @ him on the popular social media platform include an "All lives matter" tweet that he sent out when talking about Colin Kaepernick, and something to do with a Popeye's Chicken ad that he did.

Heed these lessons when some new stuff comes out that you're unfamiliar with several decades from now.

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