Check Out the Moves of This 4-Foot-5, 95-Pound High School Running Back

If you're going to be this size, and play high school football in Florida, you'd better have some moves.

When it comes to states that produce NFL players, the first ones to come to mind are Texas, California and Florida. That's not to say your state sucks, but it's simply to point out that the quality of Florida high school football is very high. A check of the ESPN 300 would confirm that. So if your team stands out in the "speed state" then it's likely that they're not just letting any kid who can tie his cleats step on to the field.

Enter four-foot-five, 95 lb. running back Adam Reed, a senior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. Reed has spent the past few years playing on the JV, but his grit and determination (and attendance at every offseason workout) got him promoted to the varsity this year. Sure, he's fifth string. But that's for a program that's taken home consecutive 5A state titles.

Safe to say Reed is probably pretty decent (especially pound-for-pound). And his highlight video above is solid, but for the constant circling of Reed (we get it, he's the short guy). If you've ever wondered what a player the size of a third grader/Danny Devito could do in advanced football (which you've never once wondered in your life) the video above should provide you with an answer.

Also it's entertaining.

[via ESPN/MaxPreps]

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