The "Crying Jordan" Photographer Had No Idea His Picture Went Viral

Does he have the internet?

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The man who snapped the picture of Michael Jordan crying at his Hall of Fame induction (and simultaneously gave birth to a meme that has defied time itself) was unaware of its popularity, making him perhaps the only person on earth who was. That man, the Associated Press's Stephan Savoia, would probably still not know if he wasn't contacted for a story about it by The Wall Street Journal. After being brought up to date about the fact that his image of raw, uncensored, human emotion had been used to mock hundreds of losing teams everything that's ever happened, he revealed his favorite:

Just to save you five seconds of your life spent Googling it, we're pretty sure this one is what he meant:

Or this one:

Or this one:

Or any of the 8,000,000 others. The point is there's a lot.

Seems like this dude should be entitled to a royalty check, or something.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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