CJ McCollum Responds to Anthony Edwards Calling Out Damian Lillard's Rapping Ability

CJ McCollum did not seem to take the rap boasts of first overall pick Anthony Edwards very seriously during the latest episode of 'Load Management.'

CJ McCollum

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CJ McCollum

On the most recent episode of Load Management, CJ McCollum played the good teammate to Damian Lillard by dismissing the man who first dismissed Dame's rapping abilities (stick with us here, it'll come together). Specifically, McCollum was responding to the first overall draft pick Anthony Edwards, who implied he's a better rapper than Lillard.

Edwards told ESPN prior to the draft that he makes music with his older brother, Bubba. For that story, he also mentioned Lillard in a manner that doesn't come off as very flattering. "I really can rap. Dame, talking about—I don't know what he's talking about," he said. "I'm rapping like Lil Baby." Edwards also said he wouldn't release anything until he's "established" in the NBA, which seems wise. 

Asked about the recent comments, the seven-year NBA vet responded to a question on if Lillard is preparing a diss track for the Timberwolves' incoming rookie. McCollum's immediate body language said it all (see: it doesn't seem like a huge concern), but also he added some words that would appear to confirm that sentiment. 

"He better work on that jumper," McCollum said of the 19-year-old SEC Freshman of the Year. "Better be working on them shuffles because he can't run in the [Western Conference]."

In the same episode, McCollum also talked about the 7-3 start of his beloved Cleveland Browns (we're sure you already noted the jersey), NBA free agency, and the challenge of the extremely quick turnaround for the next season: 

In addition to McCollum, the planet's foremost authority on college football, Kirk Herbstreit, was also on the show. 

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