The Mayweather-Canelo Hype Tour of America Will Be Insane, Because of You

This fight just got that much more insane.

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Maybe more than any other sport in the world, boxing is a spectators' sport. Everything from celebrity-infested fight night crowds to the elaborate fighter introductions to the nearly-scripted weigh-ins is all done for the purpose of spectacle. And if anybody understands the importance of a spectacle to their career, it's Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the camp that manages and promotes him. 

Sure, they've demonstrated their publicity and hype savvy before, but today, Mayweather and Crew have upped their game. Not only will there be a publicity blitz for his upcoming September 14 fight with Canelo Alverez, but it's going to be a week-long publicity tour around the country. In eleven cities. And two countries.

Typically—or as typical as these kinds of things can be—there are only two or three of these events. And they usually last the better part of a weekend. Not all summer. And the whole purpose of these kinds of things are so the press can get invited to these things, so they may go about and stir up hype for the fights on which they too make their money from. Which is why they're called "press events."

But, yes, Mayweather has other plans in store: The public is invited to all Mayweather-Canelo press tour stops. Which will possibly make this press tour something just short of a WWF fight, and that goes without mentioning whatever scripted nonsense the camps have come up with. Please attend at your risk, and realize that you're making Floyd Mayweather a lot of money every time you do.

  • Monday, June 24 - New York City
  • Tuesday, June 25 - Washington, DC
  • Wednesday, June 26 - Grand Rapids (AM)/Chicago (PM)
  • Thursday, June 27 - Atlanta
  • Friday, June 28 - Miami
  • Sunday, June 30 - Mexico City
  • Monday, July 1 - San Antonio (AM)/Houston (PM)
  • Tuesday, July 2 - Phoenix (AM)/Los Angeles (PM)

[via The Sweet Science]

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