Lakers Minority Owners Reportedly Disappointed in Jeanie Buss

The Lakers' minority owners are rumored to be considering taking full control of the franchise.

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With the franchise in a state of disarray, people are scrambling to find a scapegoat for the Lakers' recent front office troubles. Now, it appears that the team's partners are putting the blame squarely on the president and majority owner Jeanie Buss

On Monday, Los Angeles Times reporter Bill Plaschke called in to the Dan Patrick Show, where he disclosed that the Lakers' minority owners are growing impatient with Buss. Plaschke states that there are talks of buying out the Buss family's stake in the team depending how Jeanie handles this summer and the upcoming free agency.

"There are a lot of rumblings from the AEGs in the world and some of the partners," Plaschke said when asked about the possibility that Buss will be bought out. "I think they are going to wait until this summer."

Although there are no confirmed reports of discontent, it can be assumed that Buss' hand in the drama surrounding Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and the coaching situation has rubbed her partners the wrong way. Yet, taking full ownership of the team will not be as simple merely presenting an offer. In 2013, following the death of her father, Jeanie Buss orchestrated a takeover of the franchise, fighting a lengthy legal battle against her brother Jim Buss to have the defining voice in the team's direction. Since she became the Lakers' honcho, the team has put together the worst winning percentage in the NBA. In fact, the team has not had a winning season under her tenure. As a result, Plaschke feels the minority owners are ready to use Buss' tactics against her to salvage the brand.

"Obviously, she's never going to sell herself, but remember she took this team over in a coup. ... So this team can be taken over in a coup," Plaschke explained. "But I don't see that happening until at least they see that what happens this summer and what happens next year. But, no. People are upset."


Currently, it is unclear what moves Buss will make during the offseason to fend off these threats. Yet, it has been reported that there is speculation surrounding a trade that would send LeBron James to Philly for Ben Simmons. This would not only clear up cap room but also take some eyes away from the franchise that wasn't there before LeBron's arrival.

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