Dion Waiters Contemplates Retiring From NBA

Dion Waiters is just 29 years old and was drafted by Cleveland in 2012 as the fourth overall pick. He also won a championship with the Lakers last season.

Dion Waiters #18 of the Los Angeles Lakers

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Dion Waiters #18 of the Los Angeles Lakers

After stepping up to the challenge and helping the Lakers win its first post-Kobe Bryant title, Dion Waiters is now contemplating closing out his professional career. 

During a recent Instagram Live session, Waiters showed off his championship ring while talking about his future.

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"They think I'm playing. I been contemplating it though—about retiring," Waiters said. "It's the politics for me. Game-wise, we know what's up. I just can't do the politics, man. We ain't going over that water. I'll retire before that." 

Waiters is just 29-years old and was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012 as the fourth overall pick. He was traded from the Cavs in 2015 to Oklahoma City before later signing to the Heat when he was a free agent in 2016. Waiters time was Miami was marred by problematic injuries and off-court antics. This includes a THC gummy incident that forced him to miss a game against the Lakers last season because the candy caused him to have a panic attack. 

Still, Miami was able to broker a trade for Waiters that sent him to the Grizzlies. He was waived by Memphis before being picked up by the Lakers. Though he saw limited playing time, his stint with the Lakers served as a full-circle moment. Waiters went head-to-head against his former team in the Finals and won. However, the Lakers decided not to extend his contract this off-season and focus on bigger signings. Now, with no buzz surrounding his free agency, Waiters thinks this is the perfect page to end this chapter of his life.

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