Watch Nate Diaz Vape Weed Oil at the UFC 202 Post-Match Press Conference

Nate Diaz explained that he was vaping CBD to help him with the "healing process" from the fight.

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Nate Diaz doesn't hide the fact that he likes to smoke weed. Neither does his brother Nick, who was suspended for five years after testing positive for marijuana in his system prior to UFC 183 in September 2015, and even invited an agent to smoke some with him following their argument earlier this week.

After Nate Diaz lost to Conor McGregor on early Sunday morning, he was answering questions from the media about the match holding to his opinion that he believes he won the fight even though McGregor scored higher to ultimately win the majority decision. He didn't seem too upset because, well, his mind was on other things besides the fight. You can credit the vape pen Nate was toking on filled with CBD (a/k/a marijuana oil extract), and Nate feels this helps him in the post-healing process from fighting.

In the video above, Nate was asked by a reporter want he had been using to smoke at the table, and he detailed the company Tru's CBD product, and claimed "it helps with the healing process, information, and stuff like that." He added, "You want to get this before or after a fights, training, and make your life a better place."

The difference between Nate and his brother is that Nate seems to understand the drug policy of the UFC. Fighters cannot test positive for any substances prior or directly after a fight, but once the drug tests are all completed and a fighter is considered clean, well, they can blaze all the weed and CBD oil they want. His eyes weren't just swollen from the fight itself...

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