Why Are the Clippers Celebrating Black History Month in March?

Another boneheaded move by the worst franchise in the NBA.


Kudos to Clippers owner Donald Sterling for celebrating Black History Month. Except that next year when you decide to do it, Donald, you might want to—you know—CELEBRATE IT DURING BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!! In an ad taken out in the LA Times over the weekend, the Clippers announced they are honoring Black History Month by offering free tickets to the first 1000 underprivileged kids who attend the Clippers/Rockets game Wednesday night. Just a few problems with that: 1) Wednesday night is March 2, which clearly doesn't fall within Black History Month. 2) Who determines who is "underprivileged" and who isn't? And 3) Each underprivileged child must be accompanied by a parent who can afford to buy a full-price ticket for him or herself. Seriously? This team should change their name to the Los Angeles FAILs. What a clusterfuck. [via Ball Don't Lie]

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