Houston Football Coach Tom Herman Promised His Team He Would Get a Grill From Paul Wall If They Won AAC Title

Paul Wall is giving him his grill tomorrow.

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Back in 2013, Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino told his players that he would get a tattoo if they won the NCAA National Championship. They did—and Pitino was eventually forced to take a shirtless photo to show off the tat he ended up getting.

To try and encourage his team to win the AAC this season, Houston football coach Tom Herman made a similar promise. Except instead of agreeing to get tatted up, Herman told his players that he would get a diamond grill if they won the title. They won it, so on Tuesday, Herman is going to show off his grill for the first time with a little help from none other than Paul Wall:

Photos coming soon! Our only question is: Does he have to keep it in for the team's bowl game against Florida State? We sure hope so.

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