Shaq Told His Son's Basketball Team He Would Take Them to Hooters If They Won Their Championship Game

Father of the year!

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It's gotta be pretty awesome to have Shaq as a dad. He's big enough to beat up other dads. He's rich. And, he says and does ridiculous things all the time. He's like a big kid himself. So, it should come as no surprise to hear that the TNT analyst once offered to take his son and all of his son's friend to Hooters if they were able to pull out a win in a championship basketball game.

"We made it all the way to the championship game," the master motivator said during the 71st annual Father of the Year Awards banquet in New York City yesterday. "We were down by eight with two minutes left. So, I gave the only speech I could think to give. I said, 'If we win this, I'll take you to Hooters.' And, we won by six, so I guess it worked!"

Sure did. I think we also just found out how Scott Brooks has been getting the Thunder to make all these big playoff game comebacks, too. Nice tactic!

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[via Sports Illustrated]

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