Ricky Williams Says Master P Isn't to Blame for the Bad Contract He Signed at the Beginning of His NFL Career

The terms of the deal were Ricky's idea.

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Remember when Ricky Williams agreed to sign to No Limit Sports back in 1999 and let Master P be his sports agent? Of course you do. It was a complete disaster and led to Williams signing one of the worst rookie contracts in NFL history. The contract included very little guaranteed money and essentially forced Williams to try and accumulate ridiculous stats in order to get paid what he was actually worth. It made Master P look really bad.

However, Williams doesn't like that people continue to blame Master P for the deal. Because according to him, it was his idea to sign the incentive-laden contract in the first place. It seems he wanted to earn his money rather than have it handed to him.

"My contract was a great contract," he told TMZ Sports recently while discussing Mike Evans' new deal with Cash Money Sports. "I wanted to earn my money. It's a misconception that P came up with the terms…It was my idea."

Williams also said that he thinks it would be great for more athletes to sign deals with rappers like Jay Z and Birdman.

"They can teach the athletes how to get more out of their careers than just athletic achievement," he said.

Interesting. You would think that Williams would be bitter about missing out on the money he could have earned at the beginning of his career if he had had better representation. But it sounds like he's not mad at how Master P handled his first contract. So maybe it's time for all of us to finally let P off the hook for dropping the ball there.

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