Pau Gasol Shaves Off His Beard for the First Time in Nine Years

Check out what he looks like now.

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When we think of great NBA beards, we definitely do not think of Pau Gasol. Although he has had a beard for almost a decade now, his beard, quite frankly, is bad. It's not really even a beard. It's just some patches of hair that happen to grow on his face that he chooses not to cut or style in any way. So we're not upset about the fact that the Lakers center just decided to shave his beard off. And we're also not upset about why he decided to do it. Rather than finally coming to his senses and saying, "Hey, this scraggly beard looks really, really bad," he shaved off his beard as part of a bet that he made with his brother Marc Gasol for their Gasol Foundation.

Good riddance, Pau. You look much better without the beard. Now can you please make another bet with your brother and beat him so that he shaves his beard off, too? Thanks!

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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