The State of Ohio Might Start Selling Commemorative "LeBron James Witness 2.0" License Plates Soon

If you live in Ohio, you might be able to buy a LeBron James license plate for your car later this year.

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Even though it's been almost a month now since LeBron James announced his plans to return to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers next season, the people of Ohio are still very, very excited about him coming back for his second stint in the state. How excited? Well, apparently so excited that one local lawmaker is trying to convince the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles that it would be a good idea to give LeBron his very own specialty license plate.

At the moment, the BMV offers more than 150 specialty license plates. But State Representative Bill Patmon wants them to consider creating a "LeBron James Witness 2.0" license plate to commemorate LeBron's homecoming. Patmon—who recently convinced the BMV to create a Superman specialty plate that has sold well—has even suggested giving the proceeds from the sale of the LeBron plates to the LeBron James Family Foundation. So the proposed plate would help raise money for a good cause and let Cavaliers fans express their excitement for LeBron's return.

"When LeBron came home, it was a big deal for us," Patmon told the AP yesterday. "It might not be for the rest of the world, but it's a big deal for Cleveland."

Big enough to warrant a specialty license plate, though? We'll just have to wait and see. A decision on Patmon's idea is expected to come within the next couple of months.

[via Associated Press]

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