NFL Owners Were Reportedly Too Cheap to Hire Eminem or Kanye West to Perform at Their Upcoming Super Bowl Party

Janelle Monae will perform instead.

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During the week leading up to this season's Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey, the NFL owners are going to hold their annual NFL Owners Party. It will feature about 1,500 people celebrating how filthy rich the owners are as a result of the NFL's continued success. Er, at least, that's we think they're going to be celebrating. If we were them, that's what we would do.

As part of that celebration, the owners wanted to get a big name—a HUGE name—to perform at the party for them. So they reportedly called Eminem and asked him to be a part of the party and he agreed to do it. But according to TMZ, Em wanted upwards of $2 million to perform at the party. So the NFL owners said thanks but no thanks.

The next call the owners made was to Kanye West. And like Eminem, he reportedly agreed to do it—provided the NFL owners could come up with $1 million. But apparently, that was too much money for them as well. So they turned Kanye down.

Their final call went to Janelle Monae. And she agreed to do it as well and only wanted $150,000 for her performance. So she will now be performing for the 1,500 people who will be in attendance at the NFL Owners Party.

Good for Janelle. We're sure she'll tear it down. But seeing as how NFL owners pay more than $400,000 for the 53rd man on their rosters, they couldn't have either paid Janelle more or just given Em or Kanye what they asked for? Most of them have billions of dollars in their bank accounts. So what's one or two million dollars to them?

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