LeBron James Is Signing With the Cavaliers

LeBron James is going to take his talents back to Cleveland and play for the Cavaliers next season.

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He's baaaaaaack!

A little more than four years after leaving the Cavaliers to take his talents to South Beach where he won two NBA championships with the Heat, LeBron James has decided to return to Cleveland. He made the announcement a short time ago through the Sports Illustrated website. Specifics about the contract that he will sign with the Cavaliers haven't been revealed just yet. But LeBron will join a Cavaliers team that includes Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, and recent No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins.

In seven seasons with the Cavaliers at the beginning of his career, LeBron won the NBA MVP award twice and made the NBA All-Star team six times. He is the all-time leading scorer for the Cavaliers. Stay tuned for additional details about LeBron's decision.


LeBron posted this photo to Instagram a short time ago:

UPDATE: Here's the contract details.

THIS JUST IN: LeBron James' deal with Cavaliers will be for 2 years, $42.1 million. (via @WindhorstESPN) pic.twitter.com/5MqJNezHjb

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