LeBron James' Mom Gloria Is Dating a Miami Rapper Named Lambo

And he loooooooves LeBron.

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How would LeBron James feel about having a stepdad who is only three years older than him? We might get to find out soon, as LeBron's mom Gloria James is dating a 31-year-old Miami rapper named Lambo (peep his one and only song on YouTube here) right now. And from the looks of things, it appears as though the two have been dating for quite some time because he threw up a photo of her on Instagram as far back as February.

That's not all he's thrown up on Instagram, though. It looks like Lambo is a biiiiiiig LeBron fan, too, as he has thrown up tons of photos of him and LeBron, him and LeBron's sneakers, him and LeBron's boat, him and LeBron's championship ring, and him and LeBron's, well, everything on his Instagram page in recent months. It's a little creepy that he seems so into LeBron that more than half of his recent IG photos involve him in some way, shape, or form. And it's even creepier that one of the photos even includes the caption, "#I Neva had a role model until I met @kingjames @Thanks Big Homie@Life is about being positive."

So what do you think? Is Lambo really digging Gloria? Or is he just along for the ride because of LeBron? Either way, dude is getting crazy access to LeBron and his entire family right now thanks to his relationship with Gloria. So we're sure wedding bells can't be too far away.

Peep some of Lambo's IG photos in the thumbs gallery above. More power to Gloria for finding a younger dude. But the fact that so many his IG photos are related to LeBron is kinda weird, right?

Oh, and on a related note: You should be dropping a mixtape, like, NOW, dude. What are you waiting for?!

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