Kyrie Irving Reportedly Wants to Join the Knicks 'Very Badly'

Kyrie Irving is reportedly trying to get traded to the Knicks.

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The last NBA superstar who openly pushed for his team to trade him to the Knicks was Carmelo Anthony. And while you could argue that Carmelo has enjoyed certain aspects of his life in New York City, you could also argue that pushing for a trade to the Knicks ended up robbing Carmelo of any chance of ever winning an NBA title.

But despite that, the latest Kyrie Irving report stemming from the original news about him wanting the Cavaliers to trade him ASAP suggests that Irving is pushing for Cleveland to trade him to the Knicks. Pablo S. Torre is one of the guest hosts for ESPN First Take this week, and on Thursday’s episode of the show, he revealed that he received a call from a "trustworthy" source on Wednesday who told him Irving "very badly" wants to be traded to the Knicks.

You should, of course, take this report with a grain of salt, just like you should take all Irving-related reports with a grain of salt at this point. There are so many of them swirling around out there right now that there’s no way of telling what’s real and what’s not. But don’t tell that to the Knicks fans who are already getting their hopes up over the idea of Irving joining their team:

Kyrie thinks the world is flat & "badly" wants to join the knicks? Has he suffered traumatic brain injury we don't know about???

— Nick Russo (@N_Russ0) July 27, 2017

There are also quite a few people wondering what in the world Irving is thinking if he’s serious about wanting to play for the Knicks. And they’re bringing up that and the "the Earth is flat" comments he made earlier this year to try and prove that he might not have it all together right now:

But let’s just let the Knicks fans have their moment, guys, OK? After all they've been through so far this summer, this Irving rumor—even if it doesn't turn out to be true—makes it all worth it.

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