Japanese Boxer Allegedly Cuts Lawyer's Penis Off With Garden Shears, Flushes It Down the Toilet


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We're about to fuck up your whole week with this next story. Are you ready for it?

Ikki Kodukai is a 24-year-old boxer from Japan who apparently has a VERY short temper. So when he discovered that his wife may have been cheating on him with a 42-year-old lawyer recently, he snapped. And when we say he snapped, we mean he SNAPPED.

According to the Daily Mail, Kodukai paid the lawyer a visit very early this morning to seek revenge on the man. He stormed into his office, punched him in the face a bunch of times, pulled his pants down, and severed his penis with garden shears. Then, as if all of that wasn't bad enough, he allegedly flushed the man's penis down the toilet and waited for police to arrive so that he could admit to what he had done.

The good news for the lawyer is that, while he reportedly lost a lot of blood during the attack, he is going to survive. The bad news is that…well, do we really need to tell you the bad news here? OUCH. Let's just hope that the boxer was right when he suspected the man of sleeping with his wife. Otherwise...

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