Floyd Mayweather Now Claims He's a Billionaire and It Was 'Easy'

If you're keeping track at home, Floyd Mayweather claims he has now made more than $1 billion in his career.

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If you sit down and crunch the numbers, it seems like Floyd Mayweather has probably made enough money throughout the course of his career to be considered a billionaire. Forbes actually did a deep dive into his career earnings back in July and reported that the Conor McGregor fight would likely help Mayweather eclipse the $1 billion mark, making him one of the few athletes out there who has accomplished this feat. Forbes listed Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods as the others.

But Mayweather, who is never shy when it comes to talking about money, has mostly kept quiet with regards to his alleged billionaire status. Until now.

On Wednesday night, Mayweather was out and about in Los Angeles when he told the paparazzi that there were only two things he wanted to talk about. "Money and money," he shouted. "Money and more money."

Floyd Mayweather: I'm a Billionaire, 'It Was Easy' https://t.co/tSFyStSh42

— TMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports) September 28, 2017

As we just mentioned, it’s not surprising to hear Mayweather flaunting his wealth, but what he said next was a little surprising, as he seemed to confirm the reports about him becoming a billionaire. He said that he has made more than $1 billion.

"Y’all know I already made over a billion dollars," he said. "That was easy."

Easy might be a little bit of an overstatement. Mayweather has spent 20 years boxing now, and he’s taken part in some of the most anticipated matches of the last five or 10 years. But when you consider that he raked in about half of his alleged fortune in two of his last three fights (his fight with Manny Pacquiao and his fight with McGregor both netted him nine figures a piece), then yes, the billion he has apparently made was "easy."

You can check out the clip above to hear Mayweather talk about his favorite thing in the world.

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