Drug Dealers in Rio Use Olympic Rings on Cocaine Baggies to Help Push Product

Drug dealers in Rio are reportedly using the Olympic rings on cocaine baggies in order to help push their product.

Image via USA TODAY Sports/Michael Madrid

The Rio Olympics look like they’re shaping up to be an absolute disaster. Brazil is in the middle of a financial emergency right now. The Zika virus is still a major concern for all of the athletes who will be attending the Olympic Games. And the athletes’ village appears to be half-finished, which is problematic when you consider that most Olympians are scheduled to move into it, like, yesterday.

But there’s apparently one group that is 100 percent prepared for the Olympic Games to start—the drug dealers who will be positioned less than a mile away from Maracanã Stadium where the Olympics’ opening ceremony will be held on Aug. 5. According to HuffPost Brazil, dealers are expecting an uptick in business over the next few weeks, and they have prepared accordingly by stamping many cocaine baggies with the Olympic rings as well as the logo for the Rio Olympics (if that doesn't get you into the Olympic spirit, what will?!).

Here’s a photo that reporter Alex Cuadros, the author of the book Brazillionaires, shared on Twitter on Tuesday morning:

Unfortunately for all of the drug, er, Olympic enthusiasts out there, many of these baggies have reportedly been seized by police in recent days, so they’re probably going to be difficult to track down. But you’ve really got to give it up to the creative dealers out there who continue to find new ways to market their products.

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