DeAndre Jordan Picks Nose, Wipes Boogers on J.J. Redick's Jersey During Postgame Interview

DeAndre Jordan wiped his boogers on J.J. Redick's jersey last night.

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Last month, we crowned DeAndre Jordan the "New King of NBA Postgame Interviews." As a result, he's now in charge of entertaining us during interviews after games and is responsible for finding new ways of doing it. And so far, he's been doing a great job, even when he's not the one being interviewed.

Just check out what he did to his Clippers teammate J.J. Redick last night. Redick dropped 23 points against the Hornets, so he was asked to represent the Clips during a postgame interview. But that didn't stop DJ from getting in on the action. As Redick spoke, the Clippers center stood behind him and picked his nose. Then, he looked into the camera before picking his nose again. And finally, he wiped his fingers on Redick's jersey before making his way back to the locker room. It's a classic move that routinely works when I pull it out on my 7-year-old daughter—and it worked just as well here.

And the best part? Redick had absolutely no idea that any of this was going on behind him:


Check out the video above to see DJ in action. [slow clap]

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