Bomani Jones’ “Caucasians” T-Shirt Is Pissing Twitter Off

Bomani Jones’ “Caucasians” T-shirt is making headlines this morning.

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Bomani Jones has spent his morning co-hosting ESPN’s Mike & Mike in place of Mike Golic, and he has been trending on Twitter as a result of it. But it’s not because of anything that Jones—the host of ESPN’s The Right Time—actually said during the show. Instead, it’s because of the T-shirt that he chose to wear during his Mike & Mike appearance. Here it is:

Shirt @bomani_jones is wearing on @MikeAndMike this morning

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) April 7, 2016

The shirt—which, according to a Hardball Talk story, was created by a company called Shelf Life Clothing almost a decade ago and is a hot seller on Canadian Indian reservations—is designed to look like a Cleveland Indians shirt...except that it features the word “Caucasians” in place of the word “Indians” and a caricature of a white person in place of the Indians’ mascot Chief Wahoo. It also has a dollar sign in place of Chief Wahoo’s feather.

While speaking with First Take host Molly Qerim about the shirt on Mike & Mike, Jones joked that he decided to wear the shirt because “it was clean.” But obviously, he did it for a bigger reason than just that. Jones has been vocal about the Indians’ continued use of Chief Wahoo on his show, and on Mike & Mike, he said that there’s “no defense” for the Indians using Chief Wahoo as a mascot on their official merchandise at this point.

Obviously, all of this got a big reaction on Twitter. Some people called Jones out for wearing the shirt:

Loving @bomani_jones shirt today.

— MIKE BOWERS (@THEMikeBowers) April 7, 2016

Others supported his decision to wear the shirt (and we should point out that, at first glance, there were way more people who loved the shirt than hated it):


— bomani (@bomani_jones) April 7, 2016

And at one point, Jones himself even took to Twitter to respond to the controversy his shirt caused. When someone directed this tweet to him:

Yooo @bomani_jones I need this shirt. Where can I find one ?

— neil. (@34odd) April 7, 2016

He shot back with this to soldify his point:

But the overwhelming response to Jones wearing the shirt has actually been “Where can I get that shirt?!”

If you can still get one (there are a lot of people looking for it right now!), you can buy it here. You should also go and check out the feature we ran on Bomani a few months back here while you wait for your shirt to arrive.

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