Iggy Azalea Takes Shots at Nick Young and the Lakers

Iggy Azalea takes shots at Nick Young and the Lakers:

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Iggy Azalea is engaged to Lakers guard Nick Young, and you know it's real because she actually attends some of his games in person.

So, while the more hardcore segment of sports fans may not be interested in her basketball opinions, the fact remains that Azalea is at least somewhat qualified to weigh in on the state of things in Los Angeles. And she isn't blind to what went on there last season.

During a recent Australian radio appearance, Azalea was asked if Young "needed to practice that bad," considering they were only in town for a couple of days and he was off playing basketball. Her response?

"He does," she said. "Did you see the last season?"

As evidenced by the hearty laughs all around, the hosts had seen some of last season -- a 21-win effort by the Lakers that was the worst in franchise history.

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