Heat's Udonis Haslem Warns Jokic Brothers Not to 'Start Trouble' Ahead of Nuggets Rematch: 'Miami Is My City'

With Miami and Denver set to play for the first time since the Markieff Morris-Nikola Jokic incident, Udonis Haslem warned Jokic's brothers not to do anything.

udonis haslem sends warning jokic brothers

Image via Getty/Michael Reaves

udonis haslem sends warning jokic brothers

Three weeks after Nikola Jokic was ejected for shoving the Heat’s Markieff Morris in response to a hard foul, Miami and Denver will take the court Monday night for a rematch. 

Speaking with the Miami Herald ahead of Monday’s home game against the Nuggets, Heat captain Udonis Haslem warned Jokic’s brothers—who created a Twitter account to defend their brother following the incident earlier this month—not to start any trouble. 

“I keep hearing about the Jokic brothers buying tickets to come to the game,” he said. “They better stay in line and don’t come down there and start trouble. Miami is my city. It’s my city.”

He continued, “That’s my city. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. Come enjoy the game and take your [butts] home. Ain’t nobody messing with your brother. We come to play basketball.”

The rematch arrives just a few weeks after an on-court altercation between Jokic and Morris spilled onto social media, as the brothers of both players weighed in. “Waited till bro turned his back smh. NOTED,” Marcus Morris tweeted. 

From there, Jokic’s brothers, Strahinja and Nemanja, started a Twitter account under the handle @JokicBrothers to respond to Marcus.

“You should leave this the way it is instead of publicly threatening our brother!” they wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Your brother made a dirty play first. If you want to make a step further be sure we will be waiting for you !! Jokic Brothers.” 

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